Concierge Consultant Services

Archambault Consulting offers consulting services to support new program development success. Our Concierge Consultant package provides long-term continuous guidance with supporting online courses that are integrated with consulting clients agreements.

Contact Mark @ or 336.413.9308 to learn more.

Benefits and services of this model include:

  • Ensures programs and their faculty are doing the "correct work" and not wasting effort or creating unnecessary stress.  
  • Programs are provided with clear understanding of expectations of typical accreditation review criteria and pros and cons of various approaches to demonstrating compliance. 
  • Program project work is proactively guided. For example, we provide new programs with a seven step process to support their program curriculum design from the top down and guide them through key decisions with each step.
  • Concierge Consultant clients have ongoing consultations with our Founder, Mark Archambault, and are provided guidance at the start of each new project with continued support through project completion.  This allows program's flexibility to prioritize and set their timeline for activities based on their local needs.
  • Access to our Client Resources content provides effective faculty development to support your team's accreditation compliance and self-study work.
  • Includes completion of a Pre Mock Site Visit Report, Mock Site Visit by one or two visitors, and Mock Site Visit Report  to replicate the program's scheduled accreditation review.
  • If needed, support for responding to the site visit required report is provided. 
  • Prior Concierge Consultant clients have 100% success in earning initial provisional accreditation.