Options to support your work

  • Concierge Consulting Services

    Are you starting a new program and in need of experienced guidance to ensure the program has the resources and approaches required for success? Archambault Consulting specializes in supporting new programs from inception through Final Provisional Accreditation and maintainting support through Accreditation-Continued. Concierge clients have had 100% success in their accreditation reviews.

  • Coaching Conversations

    Have your best efforts run into a road block? Or are you looking for perspective on how to most efficiently and effectively navigate new program development or accreditation challenges? Let's chat to receive on-demand guidance to support your growth and work.

Your accreditation success is personal

After struggling to feel comfortable with accreditation expectations over 13 years ago in my first accreditation leadership role, I decided to do something about it.

What started as a personal quest to conquer my own expertise gap has turned into an unplanned pursuit of building resources and approaches to help other PA programs and faculty successfully navigate their accreditation reviews with less stress. It's been a wonderful journey. I appreciate the multiple opportunities others shared with me to serve them and work collaboratively in support of their new program development and accreditation work.